Repair Painting <50% & >50% Explained


Outer Surface:

The distinction between <50% & >50% repair painting is based on the prepared area, not the initial repaired area. This is the area that requires heavy preparation and priming.

To confirm, <50% gives heavy preparation and primer up to 50% for the panel outer surface whilst > 50% gives heavy preparation and primer to up to 100% of the panel’s outer surface.

Please note the system will generate labour and materials for the edge to edge painting on metal and plastic panels regardless of which repair option selected.

Inner Surface:

When using repair paint operations < 50% or > 50% in the Audatex system the following rule applies:

If the inner surface of an external panel requires to be painted due to the nature of the repair, e.g. damage to the door frame, under side of a bonnet, boot lid / tailgate or to the inside surface of the dog leg section, additional time for preparation, masking and paint application should be added through Zone 99.

This could also include the additional time for ‘’Duo Paint’’ as the underside of some bonnet and boot lids / tailgates may be a second colour.



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