What does the Audatex UK data team do?


The Audatex UK Data Development team is responsible for compiling the model databases, verifying the accuracy of parts and prices, and adding the standard vehicle specifications for the UK. This UK specific programme enables the standard vehicle specification to be automatically generated for each sub-model. This leaves only additional options fitted to the vehicle to be selected by the user.

Where does Audatex get its information for manufacturers' times?

The Audatex system provides vehicle manufacturers’ times for removal, refit and replacement as published in their workshop manuals.  The source of our data is the vehicle manufacturers who directly supply our international Data Development Centres with information.

In cases where manufacturers’ do not publish removal, refit, and replacement times for specific operations, and where in our opinion, it is necessary work, Audatex researches and provides this information.  These times are calculated through methodical comparisons with data from equal or similar models, and/or by reference to existing times. Where times are supplied by Audatex, they will be designated with a KN number.

How is the information used in the estimating process?

Manufacturers' remove, refit, and replacement operations/ times, together with the associated parts data is transferred into the Audatex database format and combined with AudaGraphics to create the basis for calculation of the repair estimate. When a repair operation guide number is selected by the user within AudaGraphics, the relevant repair time associated with that guide number, and the relevant part is recalled from the database and used within the calculation.

Thousands of calculations per day are performed for estimates using AudaEnterpriseGold. The calculation system's repair logic automatically takes the selections input by the user via AudaGraphics and takes care of remove and refit, disassembling and assembling and optimisation of single parts to assemblies; ensuring an accurate and reliable assessment.

What percentage of vehicles does it cover?

Audatex offers the broadest data coverage on the market, with approximately 97.5% of the UK’s 10 year vehicle car parc. 

How often is the data updated?

Manufacturers review their times when they modify or 'facelift' a model. The Audatex database is updated as and when the manufacturers publish the amended times. The parts database is updated continually with information supplied by the vehicle manufacturers. Audatex has 'dealership' status with many of the manufacturers which ensures timely availability of parts and part price updates.

What do I do if I find the times generated in an assessment are different to those expected from that manufacturer?

We recommend that you take the following steps:
1. Ensure you have selected the correct vehicle and body style
2. Check you have chosen the correct sub-model
3. Verify the build dates
4. Ensure that all relevant options have been selected, for example: engine type, transmission, aircon, airbags etc
5. Take action on any Invalid Guide Numbers

If you are comparing the times given by the Audatex system with another system, consider whether you are actually comparing like for like. For example, are the repair methods the same?

If you still have a query, call the Audatex Service Desk on 0118 923 5666. Please be prepared to network the assessment to us for further investigation. Our network code is GBHQAE01


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