The 100mm rule explained


Audatex UK uses paint data provided by the AZT research centre for all vehicle
manufacturers with the exception of:

• Mercedes*
• Porsche*

*when the manufacturers’ own paint operations and times are used.

When 'new part painting' weld-on panels, the Audatex paint calculation will generate
an overlap area of 100mm into adjoining panels. This is to accommodate burn and
fitting damage etc.
The overlap area will provide 100mm of preparation, primer and topcoats. If the
100mm area is considered insufficient to finish, the adjoining panel(s) should be
marked to blend.

However it should be noted that lamps, bumpers, lamps and other panels etc. often
cover the panel joints.

Painting New Internal Welded Panels

When an internal welded panel has been renewed it must be noted that the 100mm
rule does not apply. There is no allowance for preparing or painting adjoining panels.
Internal panel painting is surface paint only and the time and paint and material
allowance assumes a wet on wet application.

  • Example: Boot Floor Renewal
    In the scenario where the boot floor pan is to be renewed, the system will only
    generate time and paint and materials values to surface paint the boot floor. This does
    include the underside of the panel but does NOT include any adjacent panels
    If the method of repair indicates that it is necessary to select to Blend + Paint the
    adjacent panels as in the example shown below, it will be necessary to manually
    select the required panels from the graphics within the Audatex system.


If the underside of the boot floor requires coating with an under body anti corrosion
material and the time is not included in the vehicle manufacturer’s panel times* the
time to apply the under body anti corrosion material should be entered in Zone 99 as
an opinion time.
Enter the value for the under body anti corrosion materials in Zone 99.
Corrosion protection (cavity) will need to be entered in the usual manner.



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