Peugeot is moving to AZT painting


The AZT paint calculation will provide standardisation across the PSA group as Citroen already use AZT painting. Peugeot graphics and reporting will now follow the same format/layout as Citroen and all other AZT paint manufacturers (N.B. Mercedes and Porsche remain as exceptions and non AZT).

Key observations and benefits of the AZT calculation:


  • Plastic and metal surfaces will be identified separately for both labour and materials
  • 3 and 4 coat painting will provide the appropriate labour & materials

Paint labour:

  • AZT Paint labour is based upon surface area (sqdcm) of the panel/the type of surface, e.g. plastic or metal
  • Peugeot currently uses operation codes with discounts for multiple panels
Paint Materials:
  • Plastic is identified separately by AZT together with the appropriate sundry materials
  • Pearlescent uplift is enabled (subject to work provider agreement)
Net Impact:

Following back to back comparisons, the actual cost variation per assessment between Peugeot and AZT depended upon:

  • the mix of paint operations (e.g. new part, surface, repair)
  • paint type (e.g. COB, metallic, 3 or 4 coat)
  • mix of surfaces to be prepared/painted (e.g. metal vs. plastic)

Whilst variations on both paint labour and materials were noted for individual assessments for the various reasons above, the overall net impact/average variance over a large sample was negligible.

Notice for Offline Users

All on line calculations will automatically reflect these changes from 19 November, however any offline calculations will not yet show the new values.  If you are working on a Peugeot assessment offline, please recalculate on line and view the report before sending onto any other parties, this will ensure you are in sync with all online users. 

We will be liaising with your IT contacts in the next couple of days to apply a small update which will allow the offline function to show the AZT values, however in the meantime please remember to calculate online.


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