Mercedes Benz Painting


AZT paint operations, times and material quantities are used within the Audatex system for all vehicles with the exception of: Mercedes Benz and Porsche, where the vehicle manufacturers’ operations, times and quantities are used.

Body Painting - Mercedes Benz

There are additional operations specific to Mercedes Benz within Zone 21 that provide access to paint preparation NOT automatically generated by the system when selecting paint operations through the graphics screens. These are: 

  • Remove non-water soluble dirt – Provides the manufacturer’s time for de-greasing the area to be painted before any preparation work is carried out
  • Security Measures Before Painting/ Precautions Before Oven Drying – Provides manufacturer’s time for safety measures before oven drying e.g. Battery disconnect, ECU isolation etc. (The list is not exhaustive and is for illustrative purposes only) Refer to manufacturers’ method.
  • Cover Work Complete / Removed parts / Mask - Provides manufacturer’s time for protecting removed parts. An example of this could be a door removed from the vehicle while a sill panel is repaired.
  • Colour Sample – Provides manufacturer’s time to produce a spray out card for colour Matching.
  • Add Colour Sample – Provides manufacturer’s time for producing a spray out card for an additional colour (Two Tone)
  • Outer Cleaning Preparation for Painting – Provides manufacturer’s time to ’pre-clean’ the vehicle before it comes into the workshop.
  • Polish Vehicle / Adjust Lacquer – Provides manufacturer’s time for polishing of a weathered panel adjacent to new paintwork
  • Prep / Mix for one additional colour – Provides manufacturer’s time to mix paint for a second colour for two tone paint finishes (mouldings, bumpers,  luggage compartment etc.)
  • Colour Mix – Provides manufacturer’s time for the colour mixing of paint.
  • Remove/Attach Side Stripes/ Foils – Provides manufacturer’s time for removing and attaching non-standard coach lines and decals.

Selecting operations in Body Painting/Zone 9

Click on the desired description e.g. Remove Non Water Soluble Dirt

Select Blend & Paint


The above operations are specific to Mercedes Benz and need only be selected if they reflect your chosen method


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