Mercedes Benz Plastic Bumper Repairs


Some of the Mercedes model graphics in the Audatex system show an icon for the repair of plastic bumpers: 

These fall into six categories:

1. Deep scratch
2. Deep scratch with swage
3. Breakthrough (hole)
4. Breakthrough with swage
5. Crack (split)
6. Crack with swage

Additional time is given if the “With Swage” operation is selected. This option should only be selected if the damage area affects the swage line.

These operations and times are formulated by Mercedes Benz and published in their Body Repair Information.

Note 1:  A scuff or scratch of less than 1mm depth is repairable by traditional repair paint methods and for this type of superficial damage this option should not be selected.

Note 2: A breakthrough (hole) is deemed repairable up to approx 40mm in diameter.

General Notes:

• These repairs and times are expected to be used where a repair, including painting operations and paint and material costs do not exceed 70% of the retail component cost.

• The repair - is to get the component to a pre-primed standard – as you would find in a new un-primed part.

• These times do not include the removal and refitting of the part from the vehicle nor do they include times to remove and refit any sub assemblies: grilles, number plate etc.

 Plastic repair products fillers etc. need to be added to the total (Zone 99)

• No painting or priming times are included


Painting operations must be selected in the usual manner selecting <50% to avoid invalid guide numbers. 


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