Peugeot Painting - Paint New Bolted Parts Off Vehicle


This is a Peugeot painting method for NEW bolted parts (i.e., bonnet, front wings, doors, bootlid, tailgate). It is identified by New Part Paint Stage 0 on the Audatex assessment and can be defined as:

Category 0: Applies to new detachable (bolted) parts that are completely removed and painted on a support (interior and exterior).

The process includes priming on two faces, sanding, spraying of paint on two faces, spraying of lacquer (for two-coat paint systems) in the paint booth, cleaning the work station and removing the painted item.

This option should only be selected if the NEW replacement parts are to be painted prior to fitting on the vehicle.

It should not be selected if the new parts are to be fitted to the vehicle and then painted or for repairs, remove and refit or blending of existing panels

To use this method, it is essential that the relevant options and the correct guide numbers are selected when compiling the assessment:

1) In Model Selection, the Paint Miscellaneous option "New Painted Assembly Parts Removed" should be selected. If this option is not selected before calculation, invalid guide numbers will result.

2) In the graphical zones, there are two sets of guide numbers for the bonnet, front wings, doors, tailgate and/or bootlid. The first set will relate to the Paint New Bolted Parts Off Vehicle and will have associated text of "Paint Off Vehicle" in your report. These are the items that should be selected if this option is required (see below).

The second set of guide numbers should be selected if the standard method of painting (i.e., fitting to the vehicle and then painting) is required. There will either be no associated text or text that states "On Vehicle" or "Standard".

NOTE: It is not possible to use the Paint New Bolted Parts Off Vehicle option or related guide numbers for operations such as repair, repair painting, remove and refit or blend + paint. If these are used, invalid guide numbers will be generated.

Invalid Guide Numbers

If any of the guide numbers in the table below appear on the report as invalid, it is because the New Painted Assembly Parts Removed has not been selected in Model Selection.

Guide Number (E or LE) Description (Renew or New Part Paint)
472 Bonnet
743 Left Front Wing
744 Right Front Wing
1483 Left Front Door
1484 Right Front Door
1497 Left Front Doorskin
1498 Right Front Doorskin
1783 Left Rear Door
1784 Right Rear Door
1797 Left Rear Doorskin
1798 Right Rear Doorskin
2932 Bootlid or Tailgate

If the NEW parts are to be painted off the vehicle, then the option should be selected and the assessment recalculated.

If the NEW parts are to be fitted and painted ON the vehicle then the relevant selections in the zones (e.g., the doors) should be deleted and the standard item marked for renewal.


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