Citroen Vehicles - AudaGraphics Triangle Option For Paint Associated Remove & Refit Operations.


The triangle is available in order to select the required basket of associated remove/refit operations when painting the panel e.g. when painting a door or rear wing.

The following observations have been made during this investigation:

1. There are different remove/refit time allowances when ‘surface paint’ and ‘repair paint’ options are available within the triangle selection.

2. Given the times generated it suggests some of the parts may only have an allowance for masking.

3. All new Citroen models now being introduced no longer include the ‘triangle’ option.

The Data Development Centre has endeavoured to establish the operations included when selecting the graphics triangle for Citroen cases. Unfortunately, despite repeated requests, the required detailed information has not been forthcoming from Citroen.

In this circumstance, and following consideration by the Technical Committee, it has been decided that the triangles for Citroen , where they appear, will be removed when model updates occur.

In the interim it is the Technical Committee's recommendation that the triangles are not used.

If the required information is forthcoming from Citroen, consideration can then be given to the re-introduction of the triangle on affected models.


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