Inner Panel Repairs


Audatex currently only generates “surface paint” for all internal panels irrespective of the repair operation being carried out on the panel.

Audatex is investigating the possibilities of adding further functionality to inner panel paint operation selection but in the meantime the suggested interim solution is detailed below.

Where the inner panel repair requires the application of body filler or the nature of the repair necessitates the application of “high build” primers that will require flatting before top coat application it may be necessary to add additional paint preparation time in Zone99.

Select Rep. Method:

Paint < 50% or Paint > 50% (to reflect the size of the repaired area)

In Work Text enter: “Additional Prep”

In Description enter the panel name, in the example shown: Boot floor

In Work Units enter the additional time required

The outcome is detailed on the Audatex Assessment Full Report as shown below

Please note this will NOT add any further paint and materials costs to the assessment calculation.



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