Painted items in Zone 99 - Specialist charge


Method Two: Enter as a Specialist Charge

Audatex does not currently allow the input of any paint and material costs for items entered in Zone 99.




In this example we have selected to repair paint (< 50%) the left front wheel and have entered 20 Work Units to cover the labour content of the work operations.

You can see the Value button is ‘greyed out’ and cannot be used to enter a paint and material cost.

The following example describes a potential workaround to add the cost of the paint and materials for the wheel refurbishment:

Audatex system generated cost for paint and material for the main job  
Total paint cost £303.23
Sundry paint materials £0.00
Pre-painting sundry materials £40.50
Total paint and materials cost £343.73

Select Specialist in Zone 99

Add Paint Materials in the “Work Text” field

Enter the part to be painted in the Description field, in the example shown: “Left front wheel”

Enter the value of the paint and materials in the Value field

See example extract of printed assessment below.

The paint and materials figure remains unchanged the additional £100.00 paint and materials cost for the wheel refurbishment is shown as a specialist charge.

For completeness, you should add a note in Assessment Notes to inform the engineer what you have done and to remind you what you did when you look at the job at any time in the future.

Things to consider:

If the assessment is exported from Audatex and imported into a bodyshop management package a specialist charge will automatically be set up.

The Specialist charge set up in this manner may be rejected by the work provider when it is presented on the invoice if the assessment notes are not read.

It will not be possible to analyse the paint profit on the job using the report facility in the management system because although paint will be mixed and charged to the job in the usual manner, the paint and materials entered into specialist will not be charged out as paint and materials.


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