Vehicle Manufacturer Repair Times


With $25m invested annually in data development worldwide, Audatex has the largest and most comprehensive database of vehicle repair data in the world.  Maintenance of our manufacturers’ times database is an ongoing process, with updates being supplied by Audatex international data development centres to Audatex UK every month.  These include new model data, updates to existing models, and corrections/changes to existing models.

Feedback from the Audatex Technical Committee has suggested that we need to take steps to highlight data changes that materially impact the processing of vehicle damage estimates and claims, particularly in relation to labour times.  We are therefore introducing the following new process to keep our customers more fully informed:

1. Data Change Update

  • Changes are initially reviewed by the UK Data Development team and further information/explanation requested if required
  • If there are significant changes to labour times then these are referred to the Audatex Technical Committee Executive for review

2. Analyse Impact

  • The Technical Committee Executive will assess the likely impact based on the changes identified, models and volumes affected, etc., and in consultation with the vehicle manufacturer if necessary, will communicate the changes to customers by email and via FAQs posted on the Audatex web site

 3. Communications

  • The level and method of communications will be dependent on the nature of the change and impact analysis, and agreed jointly with the vehicle manufacturer if required

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