AZT Paint Operations, Vehicle Masking


Referring to the original ‘AZT Paint operations within Audatex’ document, the first section ‘Paint Operations for metal panels’ confirms that an allowance is included to: ‘Mask the vehicle and cover with a plastic sheet’.  However, in the same section, titled ‘Items NOT included in the paint operations listed above’, it states:
• Use of lifter tapes
• Detailed masking of items left in situ

A time allowance should therefore be considered where parts are left in situ, involving additional or more detailed masking, including the use of lifter tape.  

The AZT document also has a section covering plastic components. This confirms that for bumper repairs, where the bumper is left in situ, it includes an allowance for the bumper and vehicle masking. However it does not include for the detailed masking of any items which have been left in situ.

For new bumpers, the AZT document states that: ‘New bumpers are assumed to be off the vehicle and to have all sub components removed’. 

Where a bumper is supplied as a single part, but has an incorporated section not to be painted in body colour for example a grille (some Vauxhall Corsa applications), or a lower bumper spoiler (early BMW X5), AZT does not include an allowance for this detailed masking.

It should be noted that AZT paint operations are generic procedures for panels and components, and are not vehicle specific. 

Note: The AZT Paint Operations document can be downloaded below.



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