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AZT Paint Calculation Update United Kingdom

Status: April 22nd, 2016

Since its introduction in 1977 the AZT paint calculation system has become the leading international standard for manufacturer independent calculation of paint jobs. Today it is applied in more than 35 countries worldwide and still expanding. 

The materials and methods currently used for repairer paint jobs are the basis of the AZT paint calculation system. New vehicle models are regularly added to the system and values are updated frequently. New materials and methods are examined and are taken into account in accordance with their marketing importance. 

In order to ensure quality, consistency across all markets and to reflect the material mix and procedures used in current refinishing practice we have updated our paint calculation system with UK implementation planned 1 July 2016.

The update will include a number of changes to the paint calculation, e.g.

    • recognising the increasing use of plastic, affecting:

        • material costs

        • preparation times/sundry materials

    • updated mix and match times
    • re-baselining the paint tables to align the paint calculation worldwide


Besides precise values for the paint cost calculation the updated system will ensure that the AZT paint index 100 tables supplied for the UK market will be in line with the average material costs. As in the past the local paint material index should be adapted to the individual situation. With the ability for users to adapt the paint material index to the new baseline, the effects on paint material cost will be negligible.
Our local partners will support their customers to ensure a smooth transition phase. 
Recognising the significance of the Paint Index in the UK, our partners intend to conduct detailed studies to understand the 'before and after' impact of these changes. This analysis and modelling will be used to inform their customers of any recommended adjustments required to their Paint index to ensure consistent output during the changeover. 
For details on the AZT paint calculation system also see:



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