Malta Minimum Requirements


• Pentium (4) 3.0 GHz (or equivalent AMD/Celeron processor)
• 4GB Ram (8GB for 64bit Operating Systems)
• 10 GB free hard disk drive storage
• DVD drive (for software installation)

Please note: AudaEnterpriseGold is not compatible with ATI Express graphics cards.

Operating System:           
• Windows Vista*
• Windows 7*
• Windows 8*
• Windows 10*

*32-bit and 64-bit of all above are supported. Please note that Short File Names need to be enabled on the Windows install for all features of AudaEnterpriseGold to run correctly. For more information regarding Short File Names please contact the Audatex Service Desk.

Please note: AudaEnterpriseGold can be installed on any tablet computer as long as it uses one of the above Windows operating systems.

• 512 download, 256 upload (minimum).  Must be a permanent ADSL or equivalent service**

**AudaEnterpriseGold requires a method of connectivity to the internet.  This could be ADSL, SDSL or for high volume for multi site operations, could extend to MPLS or a dedicated TCP/IP Connection. Your choice of connectivity will depend upon how business critical the AudaEnteprise Gold solution is to your organisation and should be made in association with your IT department and / or provider.


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