Manufacturers Times


The Audatex system provides vehicle manufacturers’ times for removal, refit and
replacement as published in their workshop manuals.

The source of our data remains the vehicle manufacturers who directly supply our
International Data Development Centres with methods/times.

Audatex may provide additional times in cases where manufacturers’ do not publish
removal, refit, and replacement times for specific operations, and where in our
opinion, it is necessary work. These times will be calculated through
methodical comparisons with data from equal or similar models, and/or by
reference to existing times. Where times are supplied by Audatex, they will be
designated with a KN number on reports, thus clearly differentiating what is /
is not manufacturers’ data.

In the case of new model introductions, every effort is made to gather and process
the fullest possible manufacturer data available before release. However, it
may be that we elect to release a model with some KN numbers in the absence of
published times, rather than delay the whole model. However, as and when the
information does become available from the manufacturer, it is updated in the
earliest possible monthly data release.

With respect to the methodology behind the repair process, the Audatex estimating
system was not designed to replace the methods manual. However, the operations
are listed in a logical sequence for ease of understanding, and quote the
manufacturer’s original operation number for further reference.


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