Resetting your password (ROI)


If you have forgotten your password or you have entered it incorrectly, you will see a
message saying 'Invalid login. Please check your company code, username
and password.

If you have forgotten your password you will have 3 attempts at getting the
password right before your account becomes locked. Clicking the “Reset
Password” button will email a new password to you (provided there is an email
address associated with your User Name).

After entering this new password and clicking “Login Online”, you will be
prompted to enter a new password. Your new password must be between 8 and 25
characters in length. It must contain at least 1 letter and at least 1 number.
No other symbol or punctuation is valid.

Your company administrator can reset your password and update your email address, or
alternatively contact the Audatex Service Desk for assistance on 1800 939 417.


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