Check your AudaEnterpriseGold software (ROI)


We have always stressed the importance of running the latest version of AudaEnterpriseGold
software and its associated data releases in order to gain the maximum benefit
from AudaEnterpriseGold. We highly recommend to all our users that you ensure
that you are running the current version of the software available to
you.  Also that when data releases are sent, all updates are applied – this
ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date vehicle coverage.

The current version of AudaEnterpriseGold is: 3.9

Added Aug 2018

Check your software

In order to check which version of AudaEnterpriseGold software and vehicle data
are currently installed on your machines, you can simply click the Help menu at
the top of the screen within AudaEnterpriseGold, then select the About option.
This will present you with a pop-up screen which details your current versions of
software and data.



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