How do I install Global Claims Centre and Audaenterprisegold?


To check our current version of Audaenterprisegold and Audaenterprisegold Vehicle Data, please contact the service desk on 0118 923 5666 or

If you are installing from a USB, you will be presented with the Audatex Installer.

If the USB key does not run automatically, please double click on the 'launch' icon to start the installer.

If you are installing onto a new machine you will see an exclamation mark against both components, which should be installed in the order shown:

• AudaEnterpriseGold 
• AudaEnterpriseGold Vehicle Data

You may want to copy over your Zone 99 groups and AudaFile entries from an existing machine to this new installation. Please click here for these instructions.

If you are updating an existing installation, the USB will recognise the versions you have loaded and prompt you to install those which are out of date.

You will see a screen which looks like this. Those that are not installed will have a red ‘X’ beside them:


Alternatively, you can contact the service desk who will provide links for data, software and Global Claims Centre (if Global Claims Centre is required).You should then install the remaining components in order.


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